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Songwriting and/or Music Production 

Write your best songs.   Create your best recordings.    Live your best life.

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Imagine listening to a song and thinking

"I love this song! the sounds, the feeling, everything about it is perfect!"


Now imagine realizing that this is a song you wrote and recorded! Now imagine there is a whole  album's worth of songs you feel just as happy about. How would this experience make you feel? How would it change your life? 


This is what the people who enroll in our Songwriting and/or Music Production Premium Service experience every week and so could you!

What Will This Do For You?

Write Your Best Songs

Get the skills, knowledge, confidence and Coaching to write your very best songs.

Create Your Best Recordings

Get the skills, knowledge, confidence and Coaching to create your very best recordings.

Live Your Best Life

Get the skills, knowledge, confidence and Coaching to develop your greatest creativity, productivity and exhilaration.

Who Is This For?

 Whether you have yet to write your first song or you're an accomplished songwriter or recording artist, we can help you make the music you're passionate about creating as amazing as possible. We can help with any and every part of the music creating process, from idea generation to complete radio ready final mixed and mastered recordings and anything in between. Not only will you be creating the music you're most excited about, you'll also be learning how to continue creating your best music with the effortless excitement you've always wanted. From learning the very best strategies for writing, arranging, recording, producing and mixing effortless songs to developing the skills to access your greatest creativity, productivity and exhilaration, you'll choose what you're most excited to accomplish now and we'll do the rest always working with you to bring your greatest vision to life. Completely tailored to your specific goals and genius, we're excited to design with you the very best music creation experience you can have.

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