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About Us

Learn up to 8 Times Faster. Build Complete Confidence!

Experience the Excitement of Learning!

Best Lessons

Private music lessons online or in-person at AGA are like no other lessons. Our exclusive American Guitar Academy learning method helps you learn up to eight times faster and build complete confidence. It has been developed with over 30 years of research, makes use of the latest advances in the neuro and learning sciences and has helped thousands of people in over 25 U.S. cities and beyond reach their goals with music while having the most fun learning experience possible.

You'll get all the skills, knowledge and confidence to play everything you want to on your instrument plus a full college level music theory course presented using small pictures, so students even as young as four (and even their parents) can begin easily and quickly understanding music at a college level. The lessons are for anyone ages 4 and up and adults of all ages are welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

You'll get a weekly 30 minute, private lesson, live online or in-person, with a Certified American Guitar Academy Music Lessons Coach . Along with your live online or in-person lessons (at our lesson studio in Hillsboro Oregon), you'll also get unlimited access to our Home Learning Course that contains all the main content you'll cover in your lessons and more on pre-recorded videos to help you review and learn more at home between lessons. This also includes access to the online version of our lesson manuals that have everything you'll need for your lessons in written form plus many other valuable resources to help make your learning experience as effortless and exciting as possible. This is an additional value of $39 per month you'll be getting for free.

Best Pricing

Our lessons are the absolute best value for your money. We offer several pricing plans to help make lessons as affordable as possible and because of the speed at which you can learn with the AGA learning method, the value you receive from your tuition cost is up to eight times greater than other private lessons. Our customers save an average of $1700 taking lessons with us. Learn more about our prices here.

Most Fun

Private music lessons online or in-person at AGA are the absolute most fun learning experience possible. Our Music Coaches are always kept fully trained in the latest breakthroughs for teaching all ages, all styles and most learning challenges. Your lessons are focused on helping you stay in your "excitement zone" with each step and we always show you how what you are learning relates to your most exciting reasons for learning. We also have flexible practicing plans to fit any schedule. Because of the precision with which our learning method guarantees results, your expected practice time is much less than with other lessons and we can adjust it for your schedule no matter how busy you are.



We currently offer live online lessons to anywhere in the world and have one studio location for in-person lessons in Hillsboro Oregon: 

230 E. Main Street Suite W, Hillsboro OR 9123


Premium Services

Songwriting and/or Music Production


Write your best songs. Create your best recordings. Live your best life. Whether you have yet to write your first song or you're an accomplished songwriter or recording artist, we can help you make the music you're passionate about creating as amazing as possible. We can help with any and every part of the music creating process, from idea generation to complete radio ready final mixed and mastered recordings and anything in between. Not only will you be creating the music you're most excited about, you'll also be learning how to continue creating your best music with the effortless excitement you've always wanted. From learning the very best strategies for writing, arranging, recording, producing and mixing effortless songs to developing the skills to access your greatest creativity, productivity and exhilaration, you'll choose what you're most excited to accomplish now and we'll do the rest always working with you to bring your greatest vision to life. Completely tailored to your specific goals and genius, we're excited to design with you the very best music creation experience you can have.

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