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Become a Music Coach

The AGA Music Coach
Training and Certification Program

Helping musicians create exciting, lucrative careers in music.

Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

Apply here to become a Certified American Guitar Academy Music Coach and keep building your most exciting life passing on the excitement of learning music! We invite musicians into the Music Coach Training and Certification Program as needed and will be in touch as opportunities open.

  • Become the most highly effective Music Coach you can be

You'l learn how to coach using the AGA Music Learning system to help your students learn up to 8 times faster and build complete confidence. This exclusive music learning system has been developed with over 30 years of research, makes use of the latest breakthroughs in the nero and learning sciences and has been used by hundreds of Music Coaches to help thousands of people reach their goals with music in the most exciting and effective ways possible.

  • Expand your knowledge, skills and confidence with music and learn to play new instruments

You'll learn the most streamlined and effective ways to understand and pass on music theory, how to learn and writing songs easily, and how to quickly gain skills on the instruments you choose to focus on.

  • Make good money while you build your most exciting vision of a part time or full time career teaching music.

Make good money coaching music at an AGA main campus while you complete your training and certification. After you've completed your certification and coached at an AGA main campus for one year, you'll have the option to continue coaching at an AGA main campus or qualify to open your own AGA licenced studio and maximize your earning potential.

Come Work With Us
Please check all instruments you have some experience playing:
Do you have a music degree?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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