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A Note from the Founder

Andy Harrison


"We are excited to help you discover all you can do with music and to learn in a way that's the most fun and effective for you. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your lifelong adventure with music!"

Andy is a musician, recording artist and music producer living in Hillsboro Oregon. He has over 35 years of teaching and teacher training experience. He has written over 2000 songs, recorded over 21 albums and had three nationally charted singles. Andy developed the American Guitar Academy learning method which has been used in hundreds of teaching facilities across the U.S. to help thousands of people reach their goals learning music.

Corey Blaisdell


I am a 22 year old musician from Hillsboro Oregon. I enjoy a variety of music from classical, to choral, blues, rock, and metal. I recently graduated with a BA in Music Education from Pacific University and have toured and performed with their chamber singers as a section leader for the past four years as well as singing in their men's group titled "Splendid Audacity". I placed 1st in districts and 5th in state as a baritone at the 2016 Oregon Solo & Ensemble competition. I play a wide variety of instruments including all that we teach at AGA, with a heavy focus on guitar and voice. 

Karyn Hanson


I've been involved with music in many ways over the last 45 years. I began playing guitar in grade school and have been honored to be a student of classical guitarist, Michael Davis.  I have experience with the music business as a concert producer at Portland State University. I am currently finishing my degree in Music and Sonic Arts at Portland Community College where I perform solo and as a member of ensembles.  I excel in music theory and composition and have many years of teaching experience. I've been a music coach at American Guitar Academy since August of 2019 and am currently coaching guitar, piano, drums, voice and ukulele.

Mathew Rojas


I’m a musician born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. I have spent the last several years writing, recording, and performing in bands all around the Portland metro area and am so excited to share my passion for music with you! Working at AGA Music Lessons allows me to simultaneously pursue my dedication for music and my love of teaching in order to inspire my students and serve our community. I specialize in drums, guitar, ukulele, and vocals.

Bill Hernandez


I have always loved music. It all started Sunday, Feb. 9, 1964... the night the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. Not really sure how my parents felt about their eight year old son wearing a Beatles wig shouting "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!" but it didn't matter because I was hooked. From my very first concert (Sonny and Cher) to the one I saw most recently (Elton John) and the hundreds more over 50 years, I love that music is the chronicle of our lives and I love the ability it has to bring back memories. Now at 66 years young, it's time to start creating new memories and passing on what I've learned to others. No matter what it is in life you’re passionate about, pursue it like there’s no tomorrow. I am currently coaching guitar and ukulele.

Listen to a song by Bill

So Far Gone

Diane Tran

Self_Image_Work (2).jpg

I've been a piano instructor since 2018. I earned a B.S. in Piano Performance in 2023 and have performed in piano and choir ensembles at PCC and PSU. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and like making lessons fun with humor. Outside of teaching, I like reading, arranging songs on the piano and spending time with my pet chickens. I'm currently Coaching piano and beginner ukulele at AGA.

Leslie Wagner

Profile Picture 11_21 square.jpg

I have enjoyed listening to and making music since I was very young, and what I love best about music is sharing it with others. I've taught in classrooms and studios, directed church choirs, played in orchestras, bell choirs, bluegrass groups and marching bands. I'm currently playing in the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra, Westside Community and Youth Orchestra, and some ensembles in my faith community. I enjoy helping new musicians find joy in expressing themselves through instruments and voice, and learning from them in return! I am currently coaching guitar, piano, drums, voice, ukulele and music theory at AGA.

Cristian Carranza

I'm currently Coaching piano at AGA.


Jesse Soderstrom


I was a choir brat and band geek in elementary school and in high school, I began taking private instruction in piano and guitar. Later at Southern Oregon University, I began additional private music instruction to keep improving my skills. Music projects I've been involved with over the years include writing original music for an acting troupe, co-writing the soundtrack to a children’s book (one of my favorite projects), being a music instructor at a local Waldorf school and performing on the Shute Park stage, and Ron Tonkin stadium. What's most exciting about Coaching music to me is helping my students be in the moment and share their emotions through their playing. I'm currently Coaching guitar, piano, bass guitar, ukulele, drums and vocals at AGA.

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