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Lola Fields


Lola Fields is a performing singer and pianist working on her first album as a singer songwriter. Her music is inspired by artists similar to Adele. As a lead singer Lola is currently performing covers and originals with Lola and Neil Duo singing a variety of music from jazz to country and Got Yer 6 band performing classic rock. Notable past performances include the wedding of Amy Roloff and Chris Marek from Little People Big World and almost a decade of performing at many wineries, private parties and music venues. Lola Fields is a Gold Level Artist.

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Bill Hernandez


"I have always loved music. It all started Sunday, Feb. 9, 1964... the night the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. Not really sure how my parents felt about their eight year old son wearing a Beatles wig shouting "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!" but it didn't matter because I was hooked. From my very first concert (Sonny and Cher) to the one I saw most recently (Elton John) and the hundreds more over 50 years, I love that music is the chronicle of our lives and I love the ability it has to bring back memories. Now at 66 years young, it's time to start creating new memories and passing on what I've learned to others. No matter what it is in life you’re passionate about, pursue it like there’s no tomorrow."

Bill is a performing guitarist, vocalist and singer songwriter currently working on his first album. He performs his many originals and a variety of covers. Bill Hernandez is a Silver Level Artist.

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The Harrisons


"We are excited to help you make your event the absolute best it can be and are excited to discover with you all the ways our music can add as much value as possible. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your next event."

The Harrisons are Andy and Catherine Harrison. They have released 21 albums, have had three nationally charted singles and perform across the U.S. as a duo. They are considered the world's leading artists in the field of Transformational Rock, rock music designed to empower listeners to more easily choose happiness when they want to. They perform a wide variety of originals from their extensive catalogue. The Harrisons are a Platinum Level Artist.

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