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Recording Your Songs Starts Here! Get one song written, recorded, arranged, produced and mixed at 1/2 off - only $150.00

Updated: Jan 18

Whether you have yet to write your first song or you've been writing songs for years, now is a great time to try out the songwriting and music production services at AGA Music Lessons!

We will help you write a song from scratch if you'd like or improve one you've already written or just start producing one you've already written. We'll help you record all the parts you want to perform and add any other instruments you'd like to hear on it. We'll then arrange, mix, produce and master your song until it sounds exactly like you want it to. With this special we haven't limited the amount of hours you can spend making your song perfect because we want you to experience all the excitement and joy of creating a song that you truly love.

You'll end up with a completely radio ready version of your song to post on social media, release to streaming services like Spotify or just have for yourself to listen to. Check out the video and then click the button below to learn more and get this amazing deal! We've limited this deal for the first 10 people and for people who have not yet experienced our song writing/music production services (anyone who has had only music lessons with us is encouraged to enroll) so if you are interested please act fast.

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